Antalya Saklıkent Ski Centre Impressions

Antalya has an amazing geographical structure with its sea, beaches, sun tourism as well as winter tourism. While thousands of people visit this city during summer, there are only few people during winter. In our Saklıkent trip, since it was winter holiday for schools and Sunday, people and vehicle population were 10 times higher than general.

Saklıkent is 35 km away from centre of Antalya and you can reach this place through Çakırlar. If you skipped breakfast, you can eat delicious food in one of the facilities in Çakırlar. Road is pretty good but there are lots of twists and it approximately takes 1.5-2 hours to reach. You don’t need snow chains but if you have 4×4, you will have better time as you cannot go faster than 3rd gear.

Entrance fee for automobile is 10TL but I didn’t get why we need to pay this entrance fee. There is no parking lot, closed space. You need park when you find a suitable place. If you are taking money, then you should provide a service.

There is an apart hotel and a small kiosk next to ski tracks and chairlift. I haven’t stayed in the hotel but at the kiosk, I paid 15 TL for sujuk or meatball sandwich. Meatballs are delicious, but they only put 4 and the size of them are small. One cup of coffee is 10 TL and one bottle of water is 3 TL. There are sitting area around the kiosk. This place is the meeting point of people who will use the ski track. So, you don’t need to buy something from the kiosk to sit there. Even so, some of the staff there told us that it is forbidden to bring food and beverages. It is a bit weird to say forbidden to thermos while the food and beverages in the kiosks are expensive and limited. I just want to visit the nature (and I am paying for the ski track). Do I have to but meatball or sujuk sandwich from the kiosk?

People are having picnic with their families on two sides of the track. There are special picnic places. The families are finding a suitable spot and making barbeque. There is no special barbeque settings or tables.

Going to the beginning of the ski track with the chairlift is another adventure. The signs say it is forbidden for children between 0-6 years old. But I think no children should use that chairlift. I wore thermal underwear, goose feather coat, and mittens but my fingertips were really cold. We reached the start of the track when it was sunny, but 2400 meters is extremely cold. But it is extremely fun and there is no danger. When you ski down the fill, you are dazzled with an amazing panoramic view as the snow goes under your feet. Chairlift and downhill skiing takes approximately half an hour and chairlift is 15 TL per person.

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