JBL E45BT Wireless (Bluetooth) On-Ear Headphones Review

I have a special interest towards headphones. Because I love all types of good music and I am listening to music while working. I have a fine Spotify list and music is an indispensable doping for me. In this case, I love all the products that produce good and vibrant sound and makes me happy. Before, I have posted a review about Philips SHQ5200 Headphone test. Also, I own LG SH3B Sound Bar. But before testing that product, let’s talk about JBL E45BT

JBL E45BT is only 204 grams. This device has Red, Black, and Blue colours. The product box has charging device, and audio jack to listen physically. Audio jack has different colours for product colours while charging cable is orange for all colour options. I love the quality of these products. Turkish user manual says there is a carrying bag, but this was not in the box.

Compared to the weight of the product, after a while you don’t feel it on your head and I really likes audio quality. Bass and sharp levels are good. Let’s see what I like and what I don’t like about the product.

In open spaces, the product works with a range of +15 meters
In closes spaces, as I have a duplex house, I can receive the sound from downstairs although my computer is upstairs. There is not a problem when there is one wall, but when there are 2-3 walls, the working range decreases.
It has 40 mm driver diameter and you can feel all details of the music.
I had no problem connecting Bluetooth, the device automatically connects.
The headphone covers your ears and applies a little bit of pressure. So, you don’t hear external voices.
Headphone can be folded inwards, and as the volume of the device decreases, it is easy to carry.
I love quality of the material compared to price.
I would like to see the charge level and percentage while charging. This could be presented with an application or similar thing.
You can make phone calls with internal microphone, but I am not satisfied with audio quality while talking.

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