Weak Promoting (Advertisement) Model For Products Listed on Letgo

While Letgo stepped into new age by adding a product you want to sell on the system, promoting properties of this application are extremely weak. Or this application needs to inform the user more.

There is a complaint on sikayetvar.com in 2017 about this subject but this complaint only criticises refund system. This complaint did not say why it is bad so I decided to write.

When using Letgo, when you add the product you want to sell, there are 3 “accelerated” sales options to highlight your product and reach to more people. There are 3.49TL to reach 2 times more buyers, 6.99TL to reach 6 times more buyers and 10.49TL to reach 14 times more buyers option respectively.

When you select one of these options, you are directed to payment page and there is no additional information. Now, I am not advertising for this first time in my life, logically, we need certain filters in advertisement category. You need to target for the product type you sell based on basic filters like city, age, gender. Let’s say I am selling men’s watch, I don’t want everyone to see this product or I am selling necklace, again I need to set my own potential customer group.

Letgo doesn’t have any option to do that! You are advertising without any knowledge and you don’t know which products you are showing as well as people viewing these products.

For example, I live in a region with low population. I want my product to be listed in metropolitan cities not in my own region. If you don’t offer this simple option to user, there doesn’t make any sense to advertise. Recently, I have advertised for a product to try this option and return rate was “0”. After the advertisement ended (it is shown for 24 hours), they are not sending statistical data.

To show the product to more people, you can change to location in product-based approach. In fact, Letgo is offering changing the location but Letgo also says that you cannot send your product by cargo. There is huge difference between ads in crowded region and less populated region. I can send products anywhere in Turkey if there is mutual trust (profile information and user reviews are helping for that). I have previously sold products this way and I have never experienced a problem.

Sonuç olarak, Letgo’nun bana yaşattığı reklam modelini şu an beğenmiyorum ve yararlı olacağını düşünmüyorum. Ne zaman filtreleme ile bunu kullanıcılarına sorar o zaman tekrar bakarım.

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